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Top 10 Unique Airbnb Spots In LA

Top 10 Unique Airbnb Spots In LA

Los Angeles is full of wacky spots and happenings. Why not be part of the funky scene for a few nights? If not funky then somewhere you’re not used to. Here is my list of Top 10 Unique and funky Airbnb spots.

Funky Spots

#1 Beach Side Tower

Tower in Seal Beach, California

Airbnb Listing

Anyone who lives in Seal Beach knows this landmark by heart. The iconic tower was almost demolished until George Armstrong came along (we’ll get to him in a bit). Built in 1892, the tower was originally made to supply water for trains coming from San Diego to Santa Barbara. Around 1980 the tower was in a rough condition and a decision was made to tear it down, until George Armstrong stepped in. A former math professor at Long Beach City College, George had fond memories of the tower. Previously before becoming a math teacher, George used to work at Sam’s Seafood as a busboy. When he caught wind of the news that the tower will be demolished, he stepped in and bought the tower. The rest is history!

#2 Mini Weird Barbie House

Room in Los Angeles, California

Airbnb Listing

This looks like a home straight out of the Barbie aisle! The owner Rhonda Voo along with her husband Eric Alan. The home always seems to be booked, and I can see why. The lights illuminating thorough the house at night looks so magical. The furnishing is all minimal yet off kilter. The person behind the design is none other than Neil Denari. He is an American Architect famously known for his futuristic designs, bringing in new innovative looks to the Architectural world.

#3 Micro Terrarium Room

Tiny home in Monrovia, California

Airbnb Listing

It’s small but gets the job done. This mini room is all you need for a simple stay. It’s super clean and aesthetically pleasing, leaning into the trending minimalism look of this era.

Hip and Earthy

#4 Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway

Entire cottage in Topanga Canyon, California

Airbnb Listing

Nobody move! I dropped me brain! Because this house is way too cool. This Pirates of the Caribbean themed house has the theme down. Any fan of the franchise can’t resist this stay. The details and lights really tie in the vibes. Not only that but you can explore the mysterious backyard and feel just like Captain Jack Sparrow. You want a tropical stay in LA? Then it’s right up your alley.

#5 The Magic Treehouse Come to Life

Treehouse in Brea, California

Airbnb Listing

Near Disneyland, this place can be one magical stay for a magical day. If you grew up with he Magic Tree House then this place is like a walk down memory lane. Immerse yourself in nature within the city for a few cozy nights with friends or a loved one.

#6 Fyre Festival Tent Upgrade

Dome in Palmdale, California

Airbnb Listing

Remember Fyre Festival? Iconic for it’s false marketing, school lunch worthy food, and most notably the tents… But it doesn’t have to feel like Fyre Festival because it’s better. Introducing LA’s desert living. It can be the wild west from the future here. This geodome will offer a one of a kind experience with a hottub looking out to the dusty ground and a outdoor bar. You can also visit Joshua Tree which is very close by this spot.

Outside Of LA But…

#7 The BobKat Lodge

Entire home in Wrightwood, California

Airbnb Listing

This cabin is too cool and too close to LA to not include in this list. The roof covers the cabin while the forest surrounds the surrounding cabin. This place is perfect for the winter time and a window seat to over look the snow with hot cocoa in hand sounds like cozy heaven.

Rural Cottage

#8 Topanga Cottage

Entire cottage in Topanga, California

Airbnb Listing

Random yet so fun. Ever bathed in the outdoor? This could be your chance to feel a cold nights breeze under the stars while enjoying a bubble bath. This house is perfect for hikers. The surround area is surrounded by nature and hiking paths. A great stay for people who love morning walks.

Living In Luxury

#9 Spanish Villa But In LA

Entire villa in Los Angeles, California

Airbnb Listing

This old European style villa is to die for. Beautiful scenery, fancy pool, way too many rooms. What is there not to love. It’s a little pricey for one night (understandably), but it’s a great place to go for a birthday celebration or just for fun with friends.

#10 The Maitland Mansion (Beverly Hills Cop)

Entire home in Los Angeles, California

Airbnb Listing

First impression of this listing, “WOW”. Second impression “this looks exactly like that one mansion from Beverly Hills Cop”. Though it is sadly not the house from the movie, the style is the same. The home is beautiful to say the least. Beautiful garden work with a balcony overlooking the neighborhood. Kind of cool if you ask me. Not only that but the big window! Looking out of a grand window is pretty awesome.

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Top 10 Unique Airbnb Spots In LA

Los Angeles is full of wacky spots and happenings. Why not be part of the funky scene for a few nigh…

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