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The Mysteries Hito (人) House

Hito House

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Not many people know about the mysterious appearance of the Hito House. The Hito House is located in Tomioka city in Fukushima prefecture. After the 2011 Tsunami, many homes, cars, trash, etc. were washed away into the sea or other parts of the prefecture and caused severe damage. Since there wasn’t the sufficient fund to rebuild or clean up majority of the area. The town was small as it is, after the tsunami hit the town 85% of the population decreased compared to the population before the tsunami leaving the town with reminisce of the tsunami to remind them of their tragic past.

Hito Cars

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A house was drifted into a middle of a road in Tomioka. Where this home came from is unknown but there was no way of moving the house so it sat for two months until one day someone discovered mysterious spray-painted characters all over the house that say 人.  人 is a kanji character that means person in Japanese. The house is covered with the hito characters as well as the interior. Not only did the house have graffiti but cars in the surrounding area was also graffiti with the same lettering. There was not a lot of evidence to point to who would have graffiti something so eerie onto the house.

Hito Cars

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There were speculations that it might have been what the cleanup workers might have put on the house and cars to mark what to take away. But theories have been debunked and the cleanup workers were questions but nobody mentioned that they graffiti such things. Not only that but the hito character would never be used to mark items that need to be removed. It wouldn’t make sense to make so many characters on the house and cars anyways. If the cleanup crew would have left some kind of mark, realistically there would only be a few, just enough to see what needs to be removed. Even the inside of the house is also marked so that theory would not make sense. Someone also had a theory that one of the locals graffiti the house to make it seem off-putting to the locals so it can be removed faster. It was in the middle of a somewhat busy road so it was a nuisance, it may be plausible theory. But what debunks that idea is a car that’s a little bit away from the house that also has hito marks all over it.

There are many more other theories to try to contribute to the reasoning behind all of these markings but none of them seem to be solid evidence. Over 10 years later it is still a mystery why the marking exists and we may never know. It might have been a prank done by a local kid or teen.

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The Mysteries Hito (人) House

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