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Historical Lakewood Local Hotspot


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If you want to grab a bite to eat, head over to Lakewood Village on Norse Way.

Lakewood Village, CA. The small yet resourceful shopping center that has many food options available as well as small cute shops that you can add to your wardrobe or add to your new home when you move in.

Coffee shops often serve as vibrant hubs of community engagement. Why not head over to the multiple small businesses in the Lakewood Village.

Norse Way

James McCormick

There’s no shortage of coffee shops when you live in Lakewood. 

You can head over to Eco Coffee where they sell hand pressed espresso and freshly made bagels and doughnuts. Want coffee and dessert? Head down the street to The Gathering Café where they serve crepes along with your order of coffee.

Maybe you want somewhere small and cozy where you can work or study. Then head over a few streets to Wolf’s Brew where you will find a café with a calm ambiance and delicious scones and croissants. Meeting up with friends? Head over down to One Zo Boba. Majority of the drinks may be teas but you can pick from their small selection of iced coffee boba on the menu. Not only that but you can order a Korean street corn dog along with your drink order to balance the sweetness with something salty.

Not a coffee person? Walk right next door to Hojas Tea House. It’s a nice place for outdoor seating. If you need some breakfast or lunch then you can pick from their wide selection of simple yet filling food options.

Marida Jewelry – 4405 E Village Rd
Long Beach, CA 90808

James McCormick

Ready for a style refresh? Wander through the myriad of offerings nestled within the vicinity of Norse Way, where an array of establishments stand ready to guide you towards your next transformative look.

Indulge in the opulent selection at Marida Jewelry, where discerning patrons can explore a plethora of high-end options tailored to a spectrum of tastes and budgets. From exquisite designs to varied price ranges, discover the perfect adornments to elevate your ensemble.

For the little ones, navigating the world of children’s fashion can be a daunting task—but fear not, for Lessi’s Closet is here to simplify your search. With an extensive collection catering to both young boys and girls, it serves as your ultimate destination for all things kiddie couture.

Norse Way 2

James McCormick

Norse Way beckons with its charming allure—a quaint shopping enclave boasting delightful surprises tucked away in every corner. Here, discovery awaits at every turn, promising a treasure trove of finds tailored to your tastes.

Embark on an adventure to Norse Way for a delightful escapade. Whether you seek leisurely indulgence or vibrant entertainment, this destination has something for everyone. Mark your calendar for the third Sunday of each month and immerse yourself in the excitement of our captivating Car Show. Prefer a different vibe? Join us on 3rd Saturdays, where an eclectic array of booths, culinary delights, and live performances await.

Experience the vibrant pulse of a thriving small business community, offering discerning patrons a selection of premium goods. Your journey to Norse Way promises an unforgettable encounter with quality and charm. We eagerly anticipate your visit.


James McCormick

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Historical Lakewood Local Hotspot

If you want to grab a bite to eat, head over to Lakewood Village on Norse Way.

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