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Castle Mont Rouge: Haunted Ruins?

Castle Mont Rouge

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Haunted? Well taking a glance at the place you would think so. The place actually has a interesting story behind it.

The castle is called Castle Mont Rough, in North Carolina of all places. Construction of the castle started in 2000 by Robert Mihaly and was abandoned in 2006. The castle is located in the very small town of Rougemont, North Carolina with a population of 1,125. In this small town Robert Mihaly bought/owns a small plot of land where he started construction of this infamous structure.

Castle Mont Rouge Haunted

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There are rumors of why this castle was abandoned and why but in reality the builder himself just put the project to the side. “(As with) any kind of artist, you make projects and have things that you push to the side in the corners that maybe you’ll get back to at some point. The castle project for me has been one of those things” . There are famous rumors about the castle not bring finished because of a tragic death of his wife. That is far from the truth, if anything they divorced and the divorce may have caused a stop to the castle. But the truth is still not 100% with his relationship status. The status of the house on the other hand is on and off. In 2014 the children of Robert Mihaly stared a fundraiser campaign to relaunch the construction of Castle Mont Rouge. If you donated to the fundraiser you are granted gifts depending on the amount you donated. If you pay for the most expensive tier of $8,000, you will receive “a SIGNED 72” hand-carved, original Marble Sculpture by Robert Mihaly of a castle-related figure: Angel, Knight, Fairy, etc. + you get on the Castle Christmas card list. “. A original Marble Sculpture doesn’t sound too bad for $8,000. Though the fundraiser didn’t proceed too far to it’s pledged goal of $65,000, and instead only made it to $12,763 as of writing this blog. Later on the castle was still abandoned in 2016. The year after that in 2017 he resumed his restoration of the castle. In 2019 an article mentions the castles hopeful construction revival and the creator of the castle hoping to make it into a wedding venue or bed and breakfast. In 2021, the most recent update on the internet about the castle was that the road leading up to the castle has been blocked off and has been made into a proper private property. On top of that the owner of the castle has opened up reservations to go take a tour and visit the place. If you would like to visit the castle email

Castle Mont Rouge Inside

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Now to come to a conclusion to see if this place is actually haunted? The short answer is, No. Abandoned building adventurers are everywhere and some like to visit abandoned places for spooky intentions. A lot of which has false rumors and made up stories. Although the vibes of the castle do give off a eerie feeling to it when you first walk in.

This castle has many rumors and articles about it. At the end of the day the castle was a passion project that was abandoned. We can only hope for the castle stand in its glory fully built one day.

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Castle Mont Rouge
Castle Mont Rouge: Haunted Ruins?

Image Link Haunted? Well taking a glance at the place you would think so. The place actually has a i…

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