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Beautiful $14 Million Dollar Fantasy Castle in Wyoming

Bedford, WY

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Indulge in the luxury of royal living with this enchanting castle nestled on 2150 Robinson Lane in Bedford, Wyoming. This magnificent estate embodies the essence of a fairy tale, offering a dreamlike sanctuary in its sprawling 40-acre domain, encircled by lush woodlands and bordered by stately walls leading to a grand driveway.

Crafted in 1992, this regal base has gracefully stood the test of time, awaiting its rightful new lord to claim its majesty.


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Formerly, this castle has been a cherished place of the Heiner family, tracing its lineage back to the early days of Star Valley. Inspired by the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, the vision for this architectural marvel took root, evolving over 30 years of meticulous craftsmanship to cultivate the masterpiece it is today.

Guided by the Heiner’s profound admiration for German castle design, echoes of timeless architectural motifs throughout its corridors, while adding in subtle nods to the contemporary aesthetics of the 1990s.


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Some of the features this castle has to offer is mind blowing. There is a helicopter pad for a easy landing place, Santa himself could touch down with ease on Christmas night. There are a total of 4 balconies to overlook the 40 acre surrounding land, and 5 bedrooms with their own fireplaces. The castle also has a whopping 7 bathrooms in the whole place. At least you will always be near one when you need it.

The castle was recently listed onto the market at a whopping $14,000,000 and is still on the market as of May 2024. There seems to not be any potential buyers at the moment so if you’re interested, snag your dream castle while you can.

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Bedford Castle
Beautiful $14 Million Dollar Fantasy Castle in Wyoming

Bedford, WY Image Link Indulge in the luxury of royal living with this enchanting castle nestled on …

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